1971 Fender Super Reverb, Model AB763

SKU: FAM0019

1971 Fender Super Reverb,Early Silver panel model, Original transformers, Four original CTS Ten inch speakers dating to 1969, This amp powers on and has strong output but has been in storage for decades and is running rough and is making noise so repair services are needed sold "as is",  The Vibrato came on but the reverb needs repaired as well, No foot switch is included, The amp is in good cosmetic condition but will need a little TLC, $1,895

A word about purchasing any of these rare Vintage amps, “these amps need to be regularly cared for”.   These are very old and may need to be or may have been serviced in the past. We recommend that any of these amps upon purchase be serviced and then regularly looked over by a skilled amp tech. Used amps are sold here on a strictly as is basis. Thanks!