How to Ship Your Vintage Guitars

Vintage guitar shipping is easy if you follow these simple tips. If you do have to ship your vintage guitars, take proper measures to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. Providing protection for the guitar is vital. Simply shipping it in a case won’t do. Get a proper box, 50" X 20" X 9”, from your local UPS retail store. Also, get plenty of packing material, preferably newspaper or the like, to pad around the vintage guitar case and keep it stationary.

Preparing your Vintage Guitar for Shipping


The first step is to loosen the strings on the guitar. The guitar strings do not have to be completely loosened; just a few steps is fine. Remove the strap as well, if still attached. Wrap any loose accessories in the packing material to prevent them from bouncing around and damaging the vintage finish on your guitar. Then place the accessories in the storage compartment of the case (for electric guitars, there may be additional accessories to remove and store). Remove the endpin and store it as well. This is the part at the bottom of the body where the strap attaches.

Padding and Shipping your Vintage Guitars


The goal is to pad around the guitar to ensure it remains stationary. Pad around the bottom and the sides, as well as the bridge and neck to minimize your vintage guitar’s movement. When placing the guitar in the box, ensure that the headstock is facing forward. Pack around the edges, top and bottom until the instrument is immobilized. Use clear packing tape to secure the box. Draw arrows upward on the front, back and sides of the box and label it as fragile to make sure the box is handled properly and remains upright during transit. Follow these steps and your vintage guitars should arrive safely at their destinations. 
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